Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 10 - Prince Rupert to Vanderhoof BC

Rob "Sparky" Kiser and I left Prince Rupert in a mild, cool rain, 54 degrees. After about 30 miles though, we broke out of the rain.

This dude regularly takes both hands off the handlebars while he's riding to take pictures with one or the other of the two cameras he's got hanging off his neck.  Here are a few he took of me as we rode along the Skeena River.

The scenery was spectacular.

We parted ways after about 100 miles when he headed north up the Cassier Highway (37) to visit Hyder, Alaska.  I continued east on to Vanderhoof.

Not much to say about the rest of the trip to Vanderhoof.  Except for schnitzel

and Warsteiner

for dinner.

Tomorrow, Jasper, the Icefield Parkway, and Banff.


  1. Beautiful scenery!!!! Doesn't your butt get sore after weeks on a motorcycle?

  2. Doug,
    FYI...when I came back through Kitwanga on the return trip, I didn't think I would make it to Kitwanga. They only sell Regular gas in Stewart, B.C., and the bike got really bad gas mileage between Kitwanga and Hyder/Stewart. Why, I dunno. In any event, I drove 150 miles in the rain, running on fumes. Coasted back into Kitwanga. Went inside for a warm meal at that gas station/restaurant there. She asked if I wanted "gravy" on my fries and I was like..."Hell yeah!" it was awesome!
    Rob Kiser

  3. You da man, Rob, living on the edge. BTW they call french fries with gravy on them "Poutine" in Canada.

  4. lt ain't poutine without it got cheese curds. Just to make sure your arteries get perfectly clogged.