Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 19 - The Burr Trail Road

Today I'll ride the Burr Trail Road from Boulder, UT to Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell.  The road is 68 miles long, about half paved, and goes through part of Capital Reef National Park.

The view just outside Escalante on the way to Boulder.

On the Burr Trail Road, about the 5 miles from where it starts in Boulder.

Yes, the road drops down into that canyon.

It was a bit nervous parking the bike here; there is a large drop-off just behind it.

A beautiful day.

No kidding.

It's a beautiful canyon.

I like the name "Little Death Hollow".

It's not a dirt bike, but at least it's not allergic to dirt..

The pavement ends at the Capital Reef boundary.

At the top of some switchbacks.

They look pretty steep from above.

A fairly flat spot about half-way down.

At the bottom.  They actually were pretty steep.  Glad it wasn't raining.

Tonight: Cortez, Colorado.

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