Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 2 - Dubois, WY

I left Winter Park Co with the temp around 50 degrees.  By the time I got up near Lander, WY it was 93 and windy.  I pulled into a rest stop, and just before I was about to leave a clump of 10 Harley riders pulled out of the rest stop headed in the same direction I was going.  Cut-off sleeveless shirts.  Badass Harley scowls.  You know the type.

Damn.  Now I'll have to pass a bunch of Harleys.  Again.

But wait!  These aren't normal Harley riders, they were riding faster than 62.5 mph.  Almost 80 miles per hour, in fact!  I guess I won't have to pass them after all.

But wait!  There are a few sprinkles falling and, yep: brake lights, turn signals.  The whole clump of Harleys have pulled off to the shoulder because nobody has a helmet on and the raindrops are getting in their little eyes.

Vroom, passed them by, never saw them again.  Next stop:  The Trails End Motel in Dubois, WY.

Dinner on the balcony of the Trails End Motel in Dubois WY overlooking the Wind River. Dubois, pronounced in these parts "DooBoys". Emphasis on the "Boys". A tequila and lime beverage, with all the other important food groups represented.

A beautiful sight:  the bike, in the rain, from the doorway of the motel room.

Tomorrow: Yellowstone and Chico Hot Springs, Mt.

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