Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 6 - New Westminster, BC

The GSA & I climbed out of Wenatchee and we went up over a 4,600 foot pass and back down the other side into the Seattle area.  Going over the pass,  the temp dropped to 50 degrees and I was driving through the clouds for a while.  It felt good to be in the cool wet mountain air.

I have a knack for finding funky places to stay.  In New Westminster, BC, it was the Corporate Hotel, located in a not-too nice area of New Westminster.  In fact, I'm not sure New Westminster has any nice areas.  Maybe it does, but I wasn't about to leave the hotel to go looking for them.


The place has definitely seen better days, but it was clean, and the Indian/Vietnamese/Sri Lankin restaurant served up a killer lamb curry.

Tomorrow: Vancouver Island.

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