Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 12 - Banff to Radium Hot Springs

Don't let the cute kitchy exterior of this Radium Springs motel fool you, this was another dump.  A kitchenette dump.  I had to arm wrestle one of the largest ants I've ever seen for my coffee cup in the morning.

Crampbuster.  The careful observer will notice the small pieces of cork glued to the inside surface to keep it from slipping.

Yogi browsing for lunch. Huckleberries, I think, but I did not get off the bike to confirm.

A Waterton local.

Yes, it was good.

What's he looking at?

The prince of Prince of Wales Hotel is magnificent.

Tomorrow: back to the States.


  1. Oh, man. I'd forgotten about the Cramp Buster. Oh wow. I saw it on your bike and I was like "I wonder what that's for?" Then, when I was rolling back into San Francisco I figured it out. I'd been holding the throttle wide open for 14 days and my right hand would hardly work any more. The left hand wouldn't work from shifting. Every time I had to shift I cringed. I was ready to just tape the throttle wide open and hang on.

    Rob Kiser

  2. I've never had problems with the left hand from shifting, but I've been using a Crampbuster or Throttlemeister ever since I lost feeling in my right hand during my first long trip about 10 years ago.