Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 9 - BC Ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

I had to be at the ferry dock at 5:30 am O-dark thirty.

After a few minutes I was joined by a real live wire riding a Honda 650 single thumper. He was traveling real light - he had a small Givi case on the back and a small canvas bag that he balanced on the tank in front of him as he as he rode. His name was Rob Kiser, and he's also been keeping a trip blog that you should check out:

The ship was brand new, only three years old.  Apparently four years ago the captain of the ferry was playing the hokey pokey with one of the female crew instead of driving the boat, and ended up ramming an island in the passage and sank the whole shebang.  The new ship is first class, providing anchors to boom the bikes down.

We were joined by a third rider named Jen who was on a 650 Suzuki.

The trip from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert takes 14 hours, and provides fantastic scenery.  Oh, look.  Here's some now.

Tomorrow: Prince Rupert to Vanderhoof.


  1. I was sound asleep for about half of this trip I think. I was exhausted from the drive up (some of us didn't take the interstate). I crashed for a few hours and missed the lighthouse you captured. Nice shot.
    I love telling people about that guy you sat down with that was tripping on mushrooms. I don't think he knew what planet he was on.
    Also, I was hoping to see some Canadian Aircraft carriers. No photos???

    Rob Kiser

  2. Sadly, I didn't get a shot of the one Canadian Aircraft Carrier we passed.

    Mr. Mushroom was a trip...